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Saskia and Chiara

Saskia and Chiara

When I decided to go to the Basque Country last year I told all of my friends and family in the Netherlands that they would be more then welcome to visit me. And they still are but at the same time, and I feel bad while I am typing this, they aren’t..

After spending two months in the Basque Country I feel like I am having a life here, it is of course a different life compared to the one that I was used to in the Netherlands but it really feels like my life. And I really don’t want it to turn back into my old Dutch life any time soon.
I started to realize all of this when my family started to visit me. In a normal week here I go to school, have nice dinners and parties with my funny housemates and friends here or I just do whatever I feel like. But now people have started to visit me and with the knowledge that more are coming it feels like I don’t time enough anymore to just life my relaxed Basque life.

There aren’t many weeks left here in which nobody is visiting and I can just hang out with the locals or do things spontaneous. I love all my visitors for coming but at the same I’m looking forward to the day they are leaving because then I can just do my own thing again. That feels really rude and ungrateful to write down because after all they are coming here for me but I will try to explain..

When somebody is visiting me then of course I will do my best to show them the most interesting sides of the Country and life in it.

Patty and Saskia

Patty and Saskia

I want them to enjoy their little vacation here and in my opinion being a good host is important then. Because it is all new to my Dutch compatriots I’m afraid that they might miss out on very nice things here when I will just drag them into my daily routine. Also I can’t try to improve my Spanish or Basque on the streets because it is impolite to them to speak in a language that they don’t understand. So I automatically adjusted my own days and manners here to theirs while they are visiting and that slows me down a bit in exploring everything during my little four month adventure here.

The winter is coming over the Country now, that is really noticeable outside. For sure people will change their daily routines because they can’t be living on the streets all the time like they did the last sunny months.

Because I just arrived last September I only know the way of living here while the sun is making it nice and warm outside so being on the streets everyday is a pleasure. Now that it is winter I would love to get to know the way of living during the cold season as well. I can imagine people still meeting on the streets but now for going inside where it is warm and cozy. But I don’t want to just imagine it I want to be a part of it. So I hope that the few personal weeks that I have left here will be enough for that.

Next to that I’m far from done with meeting new people here, getting to know what keeps them busy and meeting their families and friends or going to there houses.

Tieme and me visiting Gorka and his family

Tieme and me visiting Gorka and his family

So the feeling about having visitors is a little bit strange and mixed, the only certain thing that I’ve realized now is that I’m all adjusted to a Basque life.

I like it.

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  1. Julia

    Tieme and Saskia, I have so much enjoyed reading your adventures, especially from my personal point of view as an “English /Basque”. You capture very well the idiosyncracies of the place. Keep up the good work

    1. Olwen Mears

      Please do check back with – and let us know what your link is with the Basque Country Kelli! We’re proud to have found a fan it you…
      We look forward to hearing from you.


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