Pulpo, pulpo, pulpo, pulpo, pulpo

Since there’s not too much time left before I leave this place, I’ve got something to complain about.. Pulpo, squid, or ink fish, as we call it in the Netherlands. What’s with it?! I mean, I’m trying to be an open minded guy. so i would trie most things that I get offered.

Here I’ve eaten morcilla, stomach, tongue, pork cheek(see other post) and yes, squid. Now I have to admit that the taste wasn’t even that bad, sort of rubbery chicken, although opinions on that vary..

The point for me is that in this case I prefer not to be confronted with the looks of the animal involved. I realize I’m being a spoiled brat that’s used to perfectly clean food from supermarkets. However, this squid really looks awful to me. LOOK!

Did you? Well, honostly, do you feel like chewing one of those tentacles now? I don’t anyway.. But people here and in Spain are just crazy about it. They even have special restaurants, called pulperias.

PULPERIAS, for heavens sake, pulperias! That would be a squidery, octopuseryor a ink fishery!

A sidreria okay, a pulperia, no way!

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