What to do on a rainy Saturday?

Last Saturday me and my French friend were at my place, thinking what to do. It was a sad, rainy Saturday in our little, industrial Arrasate. The rain seemed impossible for us to avoid.. We checked the forecast for all places we could imagine, but everywhere it was raining! From Valencia to Cape Town and  from Buenos Aires to Arrasate. Okay, so “no outside programme for today”, we concluded.

So what do you do then? We were really looking forward to do at least a little something, all seemed better then hanging around at home. We started looking for places that could be fun to visit with this weather. And what else can come to your mind at that moment than Leinz Gatzaga?!

Leinz Gatzaga is a tiny hamlet, leaning on the side of a mountain, a couple of kilometres up from Eskoriatza. This border town of Gipuzkoa has it all, or not, depending on what you’re looking for. Leinz Gatzaga’s well kept old centre, which is practically the whole town, kept a silence that makes you fantasize yourself away some hundred years ago. Pretty little streets, tiny churches and cosy bars around the squares.

We entered one of them, is was a lucky guess.. To be honest, it didn’t look all that promising from the outside; plasticised, dirty white doors and an ice cream sign makes you wonder why we entered it at all! But it turned out to be just a bit more than we’d expected. The small room crowded with people eating appealing dishes on tables with those typical old fashioned table cloths, old men and women playing cards and having a drink, good jazz music and just a warm atmosphere!

Lucky us, one table was free! We sat down, ordered ourselves a fish soup (suppose there wasn’t much more on the menu) and a good Rioja. Not the worst way to spend your Saturday afternoon! The soup appeared to be great, filled with chickpeas, monk fish and clams it was a considerable meal. We finished with some home made flan, coffee and an essential patxaran. Good times on a rainy Saturday in Leinz Gatzaga, quite recommendable

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