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Sin carne y sin pescado, por favor

Hazaa and hurray, today a miracle has come my way! There you have it, the lamest opening sentence of any blog post that has ever been written. Why? I have been told that there are two vegetarian shops in Mondragón and after almost a month of no meat substitutes, I must say I’m very, very pleased! Continue reading

Learning some Spanish and Korean at the San Sebastian Film Festival

On Saturday, our lagunas accompanied us to San Sebastian (Donostia), to visit the San Sebastian Film Festival, the biggest festival out of all the Spanish speaking countries. We chose to watch the movie Animal Town, by the Korean director Jeon Gyu-Hwan, who was nominated in the category New Directors. Animal Town is the second part of his Town trilogy.

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A Korean-Spanish international film festival!

On the last day of the San Sebastian film festival, we finally made it there. Together with Oihana, Eneko and Irati, our Erasmus buddies, we took an early bus and spent the day in the neighbourhood of the red carpet, watching a low-budget Korean movie (Animal Town) and enjoying the sea. Continue reading

(A little bit) More of the same?

I’ve thought about some ways to start this blog without having you all thinking that we don’t do anything else but partying and shopping, but alas, I have to be honest: we went to Vitoria-Gasteiz again yesterday! Together with Corine and Tiina – two other Erasmus students – Niké and I went on a typical girly shoe hunt, which we completed successfully. Continue reading

What did we learn at school today?

After two weeks of introduction classes and a visit to a tv-station in Arrasate, we started our first ‘real’ lessons this week. On Tuesday we had ‘International Communication, teached by Michelle, a woman from New York. The course is taught in English, and understanding what she’s saying seems to be a bigger problem to the Basque students than it does for us. But then again, we get very intense English lessons when we’re in high school.

The class is about big press agencies and international media companies, so I think it’s very relevant for my future in journalism. The teacher also knows what’s she’s talking about, since she has a lot of experience in different areas of the media landscape.

The second new class we had is Digital Journalism, in which we learn how to use important Internet applications such as Flickr and Google Maps. Also very useful!

I’m curious about how the classes will evolve during the next three months, but I have a feeling it will be very interesting and a good learning experience.

Exploring the many faces of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Vitoria-Gasteiz is a city in the province of Alava, and is the capital of the Basque Autonomous Community. Since I’ve been here, we visited it three times, and every time I like it better and better. The city seems to have a French feeling combined with the typical warmth and liveliness of Southern towns.

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