(A little bit) More of the same?

I’ve thought about some ways to start this blog without having you all thinking that we don’t do anything else but partying and shopping, but alas, I have to be honest: we went to Vitoria-Gasteiz again yesterday! Together with Corine and Tiina – two other Erasmus students – Niké and I went on a typical girly shoe hunt, which we completed successfully.

When we drove to Vitoria (in Corine’s car – what a feast not having to go by bus for once!), we made a quick stop at Lake Landa, which was insanely beautiful. So far one of the most peaceful places I’ve been here.

You know, I’ve always been enthusiastic about the siesta hours, but there are some major disadvantages to this. For example, when people want to go for a day of shopping, what do they do from 1 pm ’till 5 pm? Ah, the difficulties of life! No, seriously, we manage but for us it’s just a bit abnormal to leave for a day of shopping at 4 pm and return at 10 pm.

Today, Thursday, we had our first class of Digital Journalism at the university. Again, a slow-paced day, since we didn’t have to stay in school very long, which led to basically having a very non-productive afternoon. In the evening we went for a drink in Arrasate with our laguna’s. I really enjoyed seeing them again and we invaded the Irish pub for some Kalimotxo’s.
Just like in Belgian student towns, Thursday evening equals going out and in Arrasate that means wine and pintxos for just one euro! This was the very first time however, that the pintxos were looking a bit disgusting – and that’s an understatement, trust me. It didn’t keep us from having a good time of course. Too bad we had to take the bus at 9 pm to get back to Bergara. I promise this is the last time – for this week at least – that I’ll nag about public transport, but PESA-people, please, night shifts!! Especially on Thursdays and Fridays!

As I’ve told you before, the San Sebastian film festival is up next. We’ll go on Saturday, together with our laguna’s. You won’t believe how much I’m looking forward to this, the culture addict inside of me has not really been satisfied lately and it’s time for movies, concerts and expositions!

You’ll get the full report in the next post, agur!


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