Erasmus = studying, working and partying!

Today we had our second class of Digital Journalism where we were divided into groups of three to work on a project. We got the assignment to make a comic using pictures we made ourselves.

I was placed in a group with two guys, one of them was absent, but the other one spoke English quite well, so we didn’t have as much communication problems as some of my friends were experiencing. During this hour we had to come up with a script for the comic book. My team partner and I came up with the idea of writing a murder mystery in film-noir style. So we would work with photos in black and white in which I will have to play a murderess, something I will definitely enjoy! We have no idea if it will work, but I am already looking forward to working on it. It’s refreshing to work on something that’s not news-related for a change!

Work at Eitb

Tomorrow we will be working at Eitb for the fourth time, so were getting the hang of it! It’s a really good experience to work there. Before we’ve never done an internship in a real media company, so now we can get a good image of how feels like to work as a real journalist.


After that the weekend begins and we go partying in Mondragon (Arrasate) for Maritxu, a big event where everybody dresses up and parties on the streets. Those are the kinds of parties I like best! Unfortunately we will arrive there quite late, because our bus from Bilbao leaves at 8.30, and it’s a long bus drive. But I don’t really mind, since we will have some time to rest before partying all night long!

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