Maritxu Kajoi report

A nice summer evening temperature, fancy dressed women and a party that most of the foreigners don’t know the existence of. To be honest, I had never heard of Maritxu either. My mistake it seems.

A crowded Arrasate town square © Sanne Jehoul

A crowded Arrasate town square © Sanne Jehoul

For the foreigners who are more familiar with Bilbao, just go on the first Friday of October to Bilbao, take one of the special busses to Arrasate, stay on it for one hour and a half, and if everything goes well, you arrive at one of the biggest Basque parties.

In Arrasate it was sublimely pleasant. Everywhere you could see: people. A well dressed audience, live music and of course booze. A lot of liquor.

I really wasn’t expecting such a nice party. I thought well yeah, it still is Mondragon (not a party place), so it’s going to be … Didn’t actually know how it was going to be like, but it was a good surprise.

Arriving at 10 o’clock, but we didn’t had to be much earlier, or else, we wouldn’t have made it until the very end. Even now, it was already hard to keep our eyes open, but when you’re in the Maritxu flow, you want to keep it going.

The day after the night before

What is better than one? Two! So we decided that one tiring evening (and/or night) wasn’t enough. Corine, one of the other Erasmus students, turned 23. That – of course – have the word celebration all over it.

The plan was not to spend another entire night in several bars, but in the end the plan didn’t really worked out. But we all had a blast, and that remains one of the more important things in life. Though, no need for complaining.

After such a hard and bit tiring weekend – understatement -, it took a couple days to recover. Which you can notice on the lack of new blog updates the last couple of days.

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