Hitches and hindrances

At the end of the last post I was coming back from a weekend in Bilbao. Since then, we did not do much except for the regular daily duties, but there have been some things going on at the university.

Some students got arrested on account of terrorism, but apparently there are a lot of disagreements to whether this is true. It’s for sure that the people at the university disagree with the authorities, because some students went on a hunger strike and there have been one-hour class suspensions every day. It’s hard to understand just what exactly is going on, because we don’t have enough baggage to interpret this the right way. Even when we asked one of our teachers for more insight, she couldn’t give a clearly defined explanation. I really wonder how this is going to turn out, because it’s the first extreme event that we’ve witnessed in regards to the Basque-Spanish conflict.

Courses in Euskara
Apart from that, I’ve had my first session of the short film course this evening. I still somehow hoped that the course would be taught in Spanish, but alas, Euskara it was! Luckily, I already knew a large part of what was being covered today (basic camera stuff) and there were two women who could speak a bit of French and English. For next week, we have to come up with some ideas for a short film story, so I’ll be brainstorming during the following week. If I’m going to take the course that is, I’m still not sure. If it had been in Spanish it would’ve been a good opportunity to learn more about both a language and an art form, but no matter how much I’d love to learn Basque, I’m sure that I won’t be able to understand anything of the course. We’ll see, I’ll keep you updated.

Tomorrow: back to Bilbao for another day at EiTB and in the evening maybe a party in an art gallery in the Bilbao La Vieja district.

Gero arte!

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