Preview of a hopefully exciting weekend!

I’ve been here for over a month, and I’m starting to miss some of my friends from back home. So I was very delighted when my good friend Sander told me he would come and visit me this weekend!

After I finish my work at Eitb I will pick him up at the bus station in Bilbao, where he’s arriving from Madrid with a friend of his. Sander went on Erasmus there two years ago and visited some other friends there. I’m really excited to show him this amazing country I completely fell in love with.


Our plan is to go out in Bilbao, and that will also be the first time for me! Up until now we only went out in some local bars in Bergara and Arrasate, but never in a big city. My roommate Sanne visited Bilbao last week, and she recommended a party in Bilbao La Viaje, a more alternative district of the city where there are a lot of small art galleries. Sanne really loved it, so I guess I will too! Sander thought it would be best if we book a bed in a youth hostel, so we won’t have to wander around the city until 8.30, when our first bus in the morning to Bergara arrives.

Party in Eskoriatza

So after we will get a good night sleep we’re heading off to my new hometown where I will show him the nicest places this city has to offer. At night some of our Erasmusfriends planned a party in Eskoriatza, so Sander will also get the chance to meet the cool people I’ve met here yet. But alas, he can only stay for the weekend since he has classes in Belgium on Monday, so Sunday afternoon he’s leaving again to the Airport of Santander to fly back to Belgium.

But now it’s time for me to get some good night of sleep so I can party all weekend long!

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