Some new faces

An easy stay at home Friday night, so we had to make up for it the next day. Dutch Erasmus Education student Nathalie’s sisters were in town, so what comes before part B? Part-A!

Gathering at Nathalie's place © E. Schroyen

Gathering at Nathalie's place © E. Schroyen

This weekend was apparently ‘invite your friends over’ – weekend. Niké had two visitors from Belgium, Tiina was reunited with her Finish fiancée and Nathalie invited her sisters to spend some quality time with her in the Basque Country.

We went to Eskoriatza to meet up with the others in the apartment of Dexter and Nathalie. It was a lot of fun to chit-chat with new people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tired of the other Erasmus students, but it’s always nice to see some new faces.

After a couple of beers the volume kept rising, so Nathalie thought it would be better for them, the neighbours and our own well-being to visit the local bar in Eskoriatza.  They still have to live there for two months, so no need to have upset neighbours.

Eskoriatza, not the biggest place in the world, but last Saturday night it certainly wasn’t just a ‘middle of the road’‘ town. Some say that Eskoriatza is a really boring place. Well, not everybody has to share the same opinion I suppose.

Local barbershop

Although so many things have changed in the last two months, there are always some points that will never change. We all need our beverages, we still have to buy clothes and our hair will keep growing.

You can delay it as long as you want, but in the end you just have to pay the hairdresser a visit.

I normally even have trouble explaining what he or she has to do with my hair in Dutch, so now that I have to talk Spanish – I don’t even bother to ask if they speak English – that promised to be a lot of fun.

In advance I translated some standard sentences; you never know that it might be helpful. Lost effort it seems, I clearly have to work on my pronunciation.

Back to the good old hand gestures; pointing at a picture of some kind of model/actor and she basically knew that she just had to cut it ‘corto’. So no Basque mullet for this guy, even if she asked it a couple of times.

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