Visitors from Belgium, part 2: Swimming in your underwear and partying the night away in Eskoriatza

This weekend I had two guests in the Basque Country! Sander and Davy came to visit me. After we spent an evening and night in Bilbao, we visited San Sebastian.

After a not so good night of sleep (try falling asleep in a bunk bed when you feel every single move of the person who’s lying beneath you), the three of us headed off to San Sebastian. While sitting in the bus, my two guests couldn’t stop saying how much they love the environment of the Basque Country, and when we eventually arrived at the Kontxa beach, their amazement grew even bigger.


Even though it was only 15° that day, the boys were determined to go swimming. Because they forgot their swimming trunks, they put on two pairs of underwear to go into the water. I decided to stay on the beach and watch them acting silly in the water.

Davy and Sander in San Sebastian

Davy and Sander in San Sebastian

After they got out the sea, we went for some very good ice cream and strolled around in the old part of the city, which Sander and Davy also loved. They bought some cards to send to their families, and around 6 PM we took the bus back to Bergara, because we had a party to attend that night!

Party in Eskoriatza

Nathalie and Dexter, two Dutch Erasmusstudents who study Education, threw a party in their hometown Eskoriatza, and off course we couldn’t miss that! Nathalie also invited her two sisters, so their apartment was very crowded yet very cozy! My two guest got along very well with my new Erasmusfriends, so that made me very happy.

The party at the apartment of Dexter and Nathalie

The party at the apartment of Dexter and Nathalie

Around midnight all of us went to some bars, because we didn’t want to disturb the sleep of Nathalie and Dexter’s neighbors. I thought there wouldn’t be much nightlife in such a tiny town like Eskoriatza, but I was proven wrong! We found two nice cafes on the town square where we all kept on partying until the morning.

Sander and Davy had to take the bus at 11 AM from Bergara back to Bilbao, and although I had put my alarm clock so I could say goodbye, I woke up in the afternoon and they had already left. Alas! But they left me a sweet note to say they had a lot of fun. And so did I!

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