Monthly Archives: November 2009

Peuple en Marche

My weekend has been quite interesting to say the least. I think this Saturday was the most eventful day since I’ve been in the Basque Country, which must count for something. Most of it consisted of miles and miles of walking, but the journeys and destinations were definitely worth it.

Nice image of the Bilbao riverfront to begin with. © SaJeh

Nice image of the Bilbao riverfront to begin with. © SaJeh

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An indie night in Bilbao

When it comes to music concerts in the Basque Country, Bilbao tops all the other cities. On Friday Heineken Greenspace introduced two rising indie bands in Santana 27. When I saw this on the internet, I was extremely happy to go there, since I had to miss one of these bands when they played in Belgium a while ago. Continue reading

Start of the last month…

Another week comes to an end and we’re starting to realize that there are only four of them left. Four weeks to enjoy every moment we have and meanwhile trying to obey our upcoming deadlines. This week didn’t really help doing that, since one of my best friends, Zahra, arrived on Wednesday and stayed until today. No complaints though, I really loved having her over! Continue reading

Martin Beacham: something more than wine

martinBy Olwen Mears. Martin Beacham, the Englishman behind Martin’s Bodega, the shop of unusual Rioja wines recently opened in the old part of Vitoria-Gasteiz, has been resident in the Basque capital since 1997: In twelve years he has returned to England only once.

His wife Txaro is the first to salute his integration into the Basque Country: ‘It’s been amazing to watch Martin go from being “the Englishman who came to Bilbao” to becoming a fully-fledged member of Vitoria-Gasteiz’s community,’ she says. ‘The only thing that marks him out is his accent – and his name obviously!’ Continue reading

Enjoying Eskoriatza (no more rain!)

I had to write you today because seeing the sun come out again, after the past weeks of rain, rain and more rain, has made me incredibly happy. Good timing too, since I had to do a photography project for school today and a lot of the locations were outside. Continue reading

November, month of visits and work

Well, it has been quite a while since the last post, time to get back into the blog-vibe. Alas, the flu has caught me by surprise, leaving me sick in bed at the moment. On the bright side: my cousin Anniek, my mum, and her boyfriend Jos came to visit me this week, making me the guide for a few days. Continue reading