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The EITB station

On Tuesday we had our first working day at the EITB station. When we arrived they gave us our own cards to enter the building. Nora (our accompanist) came to pick us up. She showed us our working places. I was really amased. It was a really modern building. They had the different kinds of media in one building. The televisionstudios, paper and internet department.

eitb workfloor eitb

We are going to work for the english seccion of the internet department. Too get started she explained how to make a photogallery , how to make the photo news and how to put an article on the webpage. It was really a lot of information. After that we had to try it ourselves. I worked together with Natalja. We were behind the same computer and we had to renew the photo news. This is a slideshow of  pictures that people can see on the front page of the paper.

Because there are only 3 people working in the English department of the newspaper they sometimes don’t have time to do that. This was really a little difficult to do because the program that we have to use is totally in Spanish. So I wrote down all the steps.We had to search for a short text to go with the picture. So we translated some texts from Spanish to English. After I finished this it was really cool to see that the pictures we just published were in the site for everybody to see.

We are gettign our own blog on the EITB site. She showed us where the blogs were going to be on the page. On the bottom of the front page they had a seccions with stories from people all over the world. They write about their experiences in The Basque country. If you are reading this blog you found the seccion 😛


If you walk through Arrasate, Bilbo, Donosti, Gasteiz and so on, you’ve probably noticed that kids are in the majority, well at least, I did. Basque seem to be a productive nation if you look at the number of kids per couple. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that proud people always protect their origin.


I can remember the first time I’ve spend time on the cosy and humble squars in the Basque Country. People laughing, drinking and eating, kids playing, enjoying life I would say. But with their way of enjoying life, Basque people produce a lot of noise. During the months I’ve been living here I totally got used to it, I don’t even hear it anymore. But my family, who visited me last week made me come to my sences; so far for a quiet quality time where their excact words.

El coste de mare de Euskadi

My love to the nature became stronger and I decided to visit also a cost of  BC. In Estonia I live ten minutes to the sea, so I really miss it. But I can say, that you can not compare the sea in BC to the Baltic sea. There are different mountains and islands nearby.

There is a 2.8 km long beach in Zarauz – the largest beach in Gipuzkoa. It is a very romantic to walk through a promenade and watch how waves are moving and listen to the music of a sea. In this village there are a lot of bars and clubs just near the beach, so it is cool to party there in the summer.

There is even a special road which goes through mountains and cost, so, every year hundreds of people do that trip walking and exploring the nature for some weeks.

Visiting Arrikrutz Caves

Sometime ago, me and 4 other Erasmus students – Fleur, Viktoria and Wilco  went to explore Arrikrutz caves. It was a great experience. Because never in my life Ivisited such a big cave. In Estonia there are some caves, but they are very small.

We went there with Ander, Itziar and Nekane. Ander and Itziar were our guides and showed us most of the cave galleries and Itziar told us about cave historycal past. It was really nice experience. And something that  never stop to amaze me is that the beauty of the nature in the  Basque Country.

After our visit to the caves me, Viktoria and Fleur went with Ander to Arantzazu. That place is also very beautiful and fascinating . Especially the view of the valley. That day we were very amazed.

Aitzulo – small piece of paradise in BC

I think that anyone who comes to visit BC can not stay indifferent to the nature. This is the first time in my live when i felt butterflies in my stomack because of a beauty of nature.

It was very spontanious when we decided to go to the mountains. We went by car to Oñati, in the way of Arrikrutz caves (I will write about these caves next week). The sightes around the Oñati are amazing. So, we parked our car beneath Orkatzategi mountain and began our trip.

It is not difficult to climb, especially with a nice weather and a good company. It took us for about an hour to get to the top, where the most beatiful thing was waiting for us. I speak about a cave, or, actually, the caves called Aitzulo. It is so beatiful, that you can hardly discribe it. I think it’s better to see the pictures. But, when you stay there you analyze that  humanbeing is nothing infront of a Nature.

I suggest anyone to visit this gorgeous place!!!

An astonishing schoolbuilding and great Erasmusstudents

On Monday we had our first day at school. I was really excited because now my life here  was really beginning. Meeting the other Erasmus students and see my new school. We took the bus to Eskoriatza, because that is the town where the University is located. When is saw the building I was astonished. The building was really old with an open square in the middle. It looked really beautiful. You can see the sky while you are in the building. 

Mondragon universityschoolgang

In the classroom I saw all the other Erasmus students. A lot of the students are from Holland. I didn’t expected that at all. Because the info I got said that there were 2 students from every country. We are with 2 people from Estonia, 2 from Belgium, 1 from Finland and 8 from The Netherlands. But I think we are going to have a lot of fun.  So we  are with 12 Erasmus students. 4 in Media and 8 in Education. In the beginning of october there are coming more Erasmusstudents, from other countries as well. I am really excited about that.


After we introduced ourselves we watched each other’s houses. Just to know how and where everybody is living. After that we all took a siesta. In the afternoon we went for a drink together, to get to know each other a little bit more.  In the evening we went out for a pizza with the people that are living in Mondragon. It was a really nice pizzeria. After the pizza I went home. My roommate was home and we get along really well. So we talked a lot about the Bask country and the differences between here and The Netherlands. She told me about her hometown called Bermeo. And we decided that we are going there soon because it is a really authentic and beautiful town on the coast. After that i went to bed, beacause meeting a lot of new people is really fun but exhausted.

San Sebastian is a little paradise…

I went to San Sebastian with my “Laguna”. A Laguna is a buddy from the University that helps you with everything you would like to know. We took the bus and from Mondragon to San Sebastian. It took us about one hour to get there.  I wasn’t feeling very well because of the wobbling of the bus.

When we arrived in Donostia (San Sebastian in Bask) the weather was really nice.That made me feel better in a second. Cause in Holland the weather already sucks so I was really glad with the 32 degrees and full sun!!

the beachCIMG4156

We had to walk twenty minutes to arrive on the beach. When we got closer I already smelt the salt air that was coming from the sea. I loved it. When we arrived at the beach I was amazed. It was so pretty!! It was a bay with a little island called ´Santa Clara´ in the middle. The beach was surrounded by mountains and the sea was really blue. The first thing I did was take off my flip-flops and walk in the sand with bare feet. We walked the whole coastline with my feet in the water. Oh I was so happy that moment! My nausea disappeared like snow in the sun and the only thing I was hearing was the sound of the ocean.

The beachpark San Sebastian

After the walk we went for a bite to eat. We went to a beach tent. We ate a bocadillo. You really get a big one so it was way too much for me. Well better to much than to little. After lunch we walked to the other side of the beach where we saw a few tourist shops. And afcourse I am a real tourist so I loved the shops.

Late dinners and “Txikiteo”

My roommate took me shopping in Vitoria. it’s about 35 minutes driving with the car. The shoppingmall was a really big building in the outer ring of Vitoria. They a lot of stores. Also a lot of the same stores we have in Holland, like the H&M and The Zara.

When we got home we ate a sandwich in bar Taupa. It is across my house. The owner of the bar is my roommates boyfriend. I was really hungry because it was allready ten. That is a normal time to eat here. You have lunch around three or four and dinner around nine or ten. I have to get used to that.

A lot of times they eat sandwiches or tortillas in the evening.  The sandwiches are called bocadillo’s, and you get half of a baguette. A lot of times people eat meat on theyre sandwich like pork or chicken. I had a sandwich with chicken and cheese. They also put big sweet peppers on the sandwiches.

After I had a little siesta we went out in Mondragon. Together with my roommates and Wilco we went to different bars. It is very normal here to go to a lot of different bars, have a drink in one and then go another. They call this “Txikiteo” what literally means, from bar to bar.

 The bars are very different than in Holland. A lot of them are not really nice to look at( in my opinion). No nice tables or lights . Just a room with a lot of people drinking and bright light. The music is also different. The play a lot of punk. This is the music where a lot of people listen to around here. Also a lot of people have their own band or play in one. I drunk my first Kalimotxo, this is cheap red wine with coca cola and a lot of ice and a lemon in it. It doesn’t sound that nice, i agree. But it is a really bask drink and i actually like it!!

When we got home we ate a sandwich in bar Taupa. The owner of the bar is Leire’s boyfriend.

 I was really hungry cause we had dinner at ten. That is a normal time to eat here. You have lunch around 3 or 4 and dinner around 9 or 10. I have to get used to that.

 After I had a little siesta we went out in Mondragon. Together with Leire, Oihana and Wilco we went to a view different bars. It is very normal here to go to  view bars. Have a drink in one and then go another. They call this “Txikiteo”. The bars are different than in Holland. A lot of them are not really nice to look at. No nice tables or lights . Just a room with a lot of people drinking and bright light. The music is also different. The play a lot of punk. This is the music were a lot of people listen to around here. Also a lot of people have their own band or play in one. I drank my first Kalimotxo, this is cheap red wine with coca cola and a lot of ice. I like it very much



A funny thing is that they all drink utch beer here. In every bar they have Heineken and Amstel. They also are familiar with shots. At least my roommates are:P Tequila, Wodka y lima (witch i like the most) and Wodka Negro. From the last one it is better to drink just one shot because your tong and mouth are turning black….

Mountains everywhere

We did so much things this weeks that I feel like I am already here for one month instead of one week.  So where do I start? Ah yes, at the beginning…

I arrived in Santander on Saturday morning . Together with Wilco, the other Erasmus student from Windesheim, We took a flight from airport Weeze(Dusseldorf) to Santander. I thought I was going to cry a lot saying goodbye to my mom and boyfriend, but I kept it dry! When we arrived in Santander, we had to take the bus to Bilbao. The bus took about an hour and a half to get there. The view was so beautiful. Mountains everywhere,  with a lot of green and deep valleys. In Holland everything is flat so  I was fascinated by all the pretty nature here. When we arrived in Bilbao my two new roommaes picked us up . They took us by car to Mondragon. At the way over we talked in the car. They are so funny and crazy, I think I am going to like them both very much. My house looks real Spanish with a lot of wooden closets and hooked curtains. My room is nice as well, with a big wooden closet and a desk in it. The view from of my balcony is really pretty.

My balcony view

You can see a couple of real Bask houses and behind that the green mountains. The first thing i did when i arrived was eating pasta and sit on the balkony! The sun was really warm(In Holland it is allready cold) and the view incredible. I think I am going to have a lot of fun here!!