Hiking hurts

Just like Rahel I went hiking on Friday, because we went together. And oef… It was hard!

I’m a scout so I know what hiking is and that is hard, especially with wrong shoes, no water or food and with a wrong bag. And I made all those mistakes.

Hiking shoes
I went hiking on my sneakers, but  because I didn’t brought my hiking shoes from Holland I couldn’t wear them. But for the good order I had my hiking sock on…

Hiking without water or food is very bad, not a good thing. I did had water with me (but just a little bottle) but no food. And because I’m a sugar addict I need sugar from time to time. And I didn’t had any for breakfast or lunch so going up the mountain I was very dizzy. And saying “I need sugar… Sugar….!”

And yes, didn’t brought my backpack but my little handbag so that was my third mistake. So hiking hurts when I dot up the mountain (also because of the off-road part trough a lot of stingy bushes, so now I have scratches on my arms), down the mountain (I felt two times because it was so steep) and the day after. Today I have mussel aches…

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