Autumn through my lenses

As the leafs fall from the trees, as fog in the morning makes the grass wet and as the sunlight shines golden – you know it’s autumn. Nothing new for you I know, but for me. For me, because I look through the optics of my photo camera.
I bought my new DSLR just about six weeks ago. It’s a new way of seeing. It’s a new way of perception. It’s a new way of being aware of the influences your exposed in the visual world.
You have to try to capture a moment of reality. In the post-production at the computer, you try to enhance your picture to fit your ideas of reality.

You may say, looking at the world with a camera in your hand, always ready to shoot, is not the same experience as if you’d perceive the reality before your eyes. I agree, the feeling may differ.

But I’m more aware of shapes, light, colors, perspectives and distance. I try to transfer my subjective feeling of the visual world into a digital product, ready to post in this blog. This awareness is maybe less intensive in terms of getting a feeling of the situation you’re in, but it increases your visual perception.

So I’ll try to let you be part of my process of perceiving the Basque landscape through my lenses. Below this text for example, is the product of hiking the Udalaitz Mountain, mentioned before by Meryl:

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2 thoughts on “Autumn through my lenses

    1. Markus Baertschi Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Ann. Yes, I mean Udalaitz (and I’ll correct the spelling if I can). Im glad that you liked my pics.


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