It works! An update….

Finally my blog works again. There was a problem with plug-ins so that is why I couldn’t blog any more. But I will give you an update.

Sort things out

I left you at feeling alone in October and after that I went home. Home to see my boyfriend and sort thing out in hour relationship but that didn’t work. I don’t know why we aren’t together, I don’t think he know ether but still he ended it.

I spend the week with my sister, brother and little sobrina (niece) Keela. I was sad, but happy to be with my family and little Keela, for who I have so many new and different feelings. I was nice to see my grandmother and my dad, my brother and my friends. I missed them a lot for two months.


After being home for 1,5 week I went to Madrid with my fiends Marcia and Iris. My sister and her mother in law brought me to the airport. And I was crying. Crying to leave my sister, crying to leave my family, crying because I was dumped for now reason, crying because I had to go away on my own, again.

Italian Food

Madrid was fun. It was totally different than Vitoria. I was crowded, without green and huge. We went to the Zoo (I love the zoo), rowed in a boat on a lake and ate lots of Italian food. But I was glad I could get home, my home in Spain: Vitoria.


It was nice to be home. When I went to school by bus and saw the mountains, the green, the trees, the little houses I passed so much the last couple of weeks I felt better. This was the place I new, with people I knew and all the green and mountains are so pretty. The green and the mountains are the things I love the most being here.

I feel sad that I can’t show them to my loved ones. The pictures are nice but in real life they are so beautiful and in the fall even more. But this is the way it is. I have to make more pictures to show the mountains and the beautiful view to my family, next month, when I am home.

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