A walk along the cost or a photostory

Last weekend we went to Getxo, a town next to the sea near Bilbao and went for a very long walk.


First of all, we came by famous Puente de Vizcaya, a bridge from the 19th century.


This bridge is used as a floating ferry for cars and people to go from one end of the river to the other.


We did have some fun with the construction of the bridge..


… but continued walking along the river, which was surrounded by breathtaking buildings and


finally led us to the coast, where we walked in the sand for a while.


At the end of the sandy walk there was a kind of cliff, where we shot some pictures. We tried to write something, but it didn’t really turn out to be readable!


To be able to go further we had to ascend to the nearby village.


And eventually came to a cliff with a view that makes one think to be at the end of the world.


But it wasn’t. Because we could still walk further.


Until the sun started to go down and we turned back to civilisation..

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