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Donostia Zinemaldia!

Saturday was the last day of the 57th San Sebastian Film Festival. We decided that this was an event we could not miss, so we asked our lagunas (Oihana, Eneko and Irati) to join. We took off in the morning and headed towards the Atlantic.  Continue reading

Learning some Spanish and Korean at the San Sebastian Film Festival

On Saturday, our lagunas accompanied us to San Sebastian (Donostia), to visit the San Sebastian Film Festival, the biggest festival out of all the Spanish speaking countries. We chose to watch the movie Animal Town, by the Korean director Jeon Gyu-Hwan, who was nominated in the category New Directors. Animal Town is the second part of his Town trilogy.

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A Korean-Spanish international film festival!

On the last day of the San Sebastian film festival, we finally made it there. Together with Oihana, Eneko and Irati, our Erasmus buddies, we took an early bus and spent the day in the neighbourhood of the red carpet, watching a low-budget Korean movie (Animal Town) and enjoying the sea. Continue reading