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The Food Club in Mondragon

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The Food Club is very unique and interesting place. All of the food clubs are located only in  Mondragon/Arrasate, Basque Country. Anyone can enter in the food club by paying a certain amount of money and every month he or she must do a payment. If you are an owner of the food club you can invite different people there but somebody just from a street can not enter there.

Traditionally, in the food club only men cook. Before women were not even allowed to be there. Nowadays, it has changed but still, men in a kitchen are more important.

Different owners can be gathered under the same roof. They have particular tables and schedule, when they can come, cook and eat with family or friends.

“We eat here almost every week with my family because it is more comfortable and cheaper” – says owner of a food club Lander.

Basque meals

Food club is very suitable place for celebrating different holydays. For example, on Marixtu Kajoi (national holyday in Mondragon/Arrasate) when all restaurants and bars are full with people, this is a best opportunity to do.

For 15 or 20 euro you can have snacks. 1st and 2nd meal, dessert, different drinks, cocktails, vine and other alcoholic drinks.

Basque people prefer to do different sorts of meat with potato but everyone can do what he wants.

“After a dinner we like to drink coffee and smoke a cigar. It is a kind of a special ritual” – explains one of the guests of the food club Dennis.

It is typical to drink on a dessert cocktail which is made from sparkling wine, ice cream and lemon. It refreshes you after a plentiful dinner and gives energy to party longer.

Food clubs are not only places to eat cheaper, but it is also a place to gather with friends, discus disturbing topics and spend time with pleasure. Pictures you can look here.

It’s great to be a grandchild

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As I had predicted, I’m short on time this week. The last days I had to divide my spare time between schoolwork and my grandparents. They had arrived in Arrasate on Tuesday, so after school Niké and I went to visit them in Hotel Mondragón, where they had booked a room for a few nights. Continue reading

The Basque way to please Virgin Mary…

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Maritxu.  We already wrote a whole lot of a stuff in advance of this holiest of days. Now it’s finally time (the weekend took it’s toll, writers block you know) to pen the experience, instead of the expectation.  Continue reading

Maritxu Kajoi report

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A nice summer evening temperature, fancy dressed women and a party that most of the foreigners don’t know the existence of. To be honest, I had never heard of Maritxu either. My mistake it seems. Continue reading

Maritxu here I come!

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Tomorrow is a big day for Arrasate and it’s inhabitants. Every first Friday of October the whole town joins in dancing, singing and drinking. Why? It’s Maritxu Kajoi (literally, Little Mary in a box), one of the largest festival in the region. Continue reading

Erasmus = studying, working and partying!

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Today we had our second class of Digital Journalism where we were divided into groups of three to work on a project. We got the assignment to make a comic using pictures we made ourselves.

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Maritxu Kajoi: only one day away

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Maritxu Kajoi. Say what? For foreigners it’s yet again an unpronounceable Basque word, but for the whole Basque Country it’s one of the biggest parties of the year. Continue reading

Maritxu Kajoi: the event, the recovery

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Gabon/Egun on everybody! Yes, I’m writing you in the evening, but for me it still feels like morning. Main cause: Maritxu Kajoi, one of Arrasate’s biggest yearly festivities, and Corine’s birthday party. I have seen very few hours of daylight this weekend and I’m suffering the consequences right now. Get ready for a long post! Continue reading

(A little bit) More of the same?

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I’ve thought about some ways to start this blog without having you all thinking that we don’t do anything else but partying and shopping, but alas, I have to be honest: we went to Vitoria-Gasteiz again yesterday! Together with Corine and Tiina – two other Erasmus students – Niké and I went on a typical girly shoe hunt, which we completed successfully. Continue reading

First impressions of the Basque Country (part 2)

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First impressions, the sequel!

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