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An indie night in Bilbao

When it comes to music concerts in the Basque Country, Bilbao tops all the other cities. On Friday Heineken Greenspace introduced two rising indie bands in Santana 27. When I saw this on the internet, I was extremely happy to go there, since I had to miss one of these bands when they played in Belgium a while ago. Continue reading

Start of the last month…

Another week comes to an end and we’re starting to realize that there are only four of them left. Four weeks to enjoy every moment we have and meanwhile trying to obey our upcoming deadlines. This week didn’t really help doing that, since one of my best friends, Zahra, arrived on Wednesday and stayed until today. No complaints though, I really loved having her over! Continue reading

Enjoying Eskoriatza (no more rain!)

I had to write you today because seeing the sun come out again, after the past weeks of rain, rain and more rain, has made me incredibly happy. Good timing too, since I had to do a photography project for school today and a lot of the locations were outside. Continue reading