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Pintxo pote at Thursdays

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Oh, I love Thursdays. On that day every week is a party with pintxos called pintxo pote. Pintxos mean snacks. They do it here so tasty that you can eat hundreds of them.  On Thursday everybody who wants can get 1 pintxo and a cup of vine for 1 euro. That’s why everybody goes out and drink till the morning after. Bars in BC are not the same as we are used to.

  • First, nobody sits where
  • Second, you can smoke inside (and not only cigarettes)
  • Third, there are no ash-trays, so the floor is full with cigarette-butts and other stuff
  • Fourth, music plays so laud, like in a club, so you can hardly hear somebody speaking
  • Fifth, you can dance and meet some new people

And the music, here it`s very strange. It is like a heavy rock and sometimes country but everybody are shaking theirs heads all the time and singing. I guess, they like that but I don’t really.

There is no typical clubs in Mondragon, only very similar bars which are closed at 4 in the morning. Only one bar is open till 5, so the whole crowd is going there and you can not breath anymore.

Saturday night never lets you down

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On Saturday, a bunch of Northern European friends joined us in exploring the night life of Eskoriatza. Continue reading

Some new faces

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An easy stay at home Friday night, so we had to make up for it the next day. Dutch Erasmus Education student Nathalie’s sisters were in town, so what comes before part B? Part-A! Continue reading