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Education issues (and Basque food invades Belgium!)

Last weekend, during my stay in Bilbao, I talked to Mikel and his roommate about communication issues and the generally low level of English in the Basque Country and Spain. They gave me a bit of insight in the main educational problems and it became a bit clearer to me where the biggest gaps are. Continue reading

It’s great to be a grandchild

As I had predicted, I’m short on time this week. The last days I had to divide my spare time between schoolwork and my grandparents. They had arrived in Arrasate on Tuesday, so after school Niké and I went to visit them in Hotel Mondragón, where they had booked a room for a few nights. Continue reading

(A little bit) More of the same?

I’ve thought about some ways to start this blog without having you all thinking that we don’t do anything else but partying and shopping, but alas, I have to be honest: we went to Vitoria-Gasteiz again yesterday! Together with Corine and Tiina – two other Erasmus students – Niké and I went on a typical girly shoe hunt, which we completed successfully. Continue reading

My first experiences as an Erasmus-student in the Basque Country

When I was 15 years old, I went to a summercamp in Switzerland. There we had to hike a lot in the The Alps, and I didn’t like it at all. After those ten awful days I promised myself I would never go to a mountainous place again. But now, seven years later I am so happy I that I recalled that decision and chose The Basque Country as my Erasmus destination. I’ve been here for a week now, and I live with four friends in an apartment in Bergara.

Continue reading