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Mao Mao Beach

It is almost one week before I go home. Actually, I am not going home but this is another story. So, now I am trying not to waste my time and enjoy my last days. We went with Natalja to party in Bilbo with some of our local friends. To be honest, I have expected something more modern and more similar to European clubs.

Anyway this place, called Mao Mao Beach, is very popular. We were queuing for about an hour and it was pretty cold. But thanks to our friends we got some warming drinks. It was funny that when the security saw our DNIs he was very astonished that we are from Estonia. We told him that we came here just to a party and he was happy with it =)) You can also have one free cocktail, whatever kind you want. Good commercial.

The inside club is like an old fabric. Only think that makes it more beautiful are dancing boys and girls. But still we were partying till the morning light and it is something new and different.

Bilbao 2.0

After my Erasmus adventure last year, I knew I would someday go back to the Basque Country. The climate, the people, the food, the culture, the cities, the beach, … too many reasons not to come back. A training period at EiTB was the ideal solution to explore Euskal Herria some more.

Koen and I said Gipuzkoa goodbye and moved up north to the inner city of Bilbao (Bizkaia) in the Abando district. An opportunity to live the city life style to the fullest, while we are not restricted by long distances and bus lines (our last stay was in Bergara, approx. 50 km from Bilbao). Bilbao itself has enough to offer, as we knew already.


Our apartment lies in Indautxu, one of the two neighbourhoods of Abando. It is ideally situated in the heart of the city with everything within walking distance.

Abando by night © Wiki

Abando by night © Wiki

Culturally and gastronomically this is going to be a welcome break from the everyday life back home. My first bite in a pintxo yesterday was a delight for my tastebuds. Don’t get me wrong, Belgium has some great dishes, especially in winter, but the Basques simply take cooking food to another level.

Last time my cultural visits in Bilbao were limited to the unavoidable Guggenheim. This time I’m going look for some alternatives like the Museum of Fine Arts (with a great permanent collection)  or the beautiful Teatro Arriaga. A music concert (Santana 27, Kafé Antzokia) here and there would be nice as well.

The inside of Teatro Arriaga © Astenagusia

The inside of Teatro Arriaga © Astenagusia


My Spanish language skills upgraded from ‘terrible’ to ‘understandable’ which eases social converse and brings with it the opportunity to connect a bit more with locals. But I have still a very long way to go until I can master the language.

Of course the climate is a positive change as well. Although there’s only a small difference of 5°C in comparison to Belgium you notice an immediate shift when you get of the plane. Not exactly Meditarianian but good enough for me.

We’ll see what this city has in store for me…

See you next time!


Bilbao: part 2

After a short period back home in Belgium, it was about time to come back. Bilbao: the sequel.

After a while you take a number of the things for granted, but when it is no longer there, you start to miss it. It sounds so cliché, but unfortunately it’s the bitter truth. It’s really weird to notice how fast some other culture can grow on you.


Walking into a bar and see delicious food on the counter, cheap wine, enthusiastic and talkative people, and of course the landscape.  Large mountains, a beautiful seaside and stunning beaches. Hiking or surfing? Knock yourself out!

The famous Guggenheim © spanish-podcast.com

The famous Guggenheim © spanish-podcast.com

The landscape is one, but it’s sure not the only thing that the Basque Country has to offer. Does Bilbao with the famous Guggenheim ring any bell? And the authentic Casco Viejo that stands in a huge contrast with the more modern centre of the town.

And what about Donostia – San Sebastían with more Michelin stars per capita than any other city in the entire world.

What is there not to like about Euskal Herria. Okay, it might rain occasionally, but hey, there is an umbrella shop around every single corner.


But enough with all the positive adjectives. I’m really struggling to come up with some new and unused ones, so let’s continue.

As the loyal readers might know, as an Erasmus student I already spend the first trimester in a small town called Bergara (Guipúzcoa). But now, as I am a couple of months older and wiser, it was time to move up north to Bilbao (Indautxu) and discover the big city in all its facets. Updates of that will probably follow in the upcoming months.

‘But why coming back?’, I hear you all simultaneously think. I was hoping to entertain you with a nice, long and funny story but unfortunately the truth is less exciting.

As I am in my final year of university college, it is obligated to  do a three month long internship at a media company. During my Erasmus period I already worked on a weekly basis at EITB and all of a sudden the opportunity came up to do the real internship there too. One and one makes two and now, two months after date Michael and myself returned to the Basque Country.

Peuple en Marche

My weekend has been quite interesting to say the least. I think this Saturday was the most eventful day since I’ve been in the Basque Country, which must count for something. Most of it consisted of miles and miles of walking, but the journeys and destinations were definitely worth it.

Nice image of the Bilbao riverfront to begin with. © SaJeh

Nice image of the Bilbao riverfront to begin with. © SaJeh

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An indie night in Bilbao

When it comes to music concerts in the Basque Country, Bilbao tops all the other cities. On Friday Heineken Greenspace introduced two rising indie bands in Santana 27. When I saw this on the internet, I was extremely happy to go there, since I had to miss one of these bands when they played in Belgium a while ago. Continue reading

Start of the last month…

Another week comes to an end and we’re starting to realize that there are only four of them left. Four weeks to enjoy every moment we have and meanwhile trying to obey our upcoming deadlines. This week didn’t really help doing that, since one of my best friends, Zahra, arrived on Wednesday and stayed until today. No complaints though, I really loved having her over! Continue reading

Enjoying Eskoriatza (no more rain!)

I had to write you today because seeing the sun come out again, after the past weeks of rain, rain and more rain, has made me incredibly happy. Good timing too, since I had to do a photography project for school today and a lot of the locations were outside. Continue reading