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It’s great to be a grandchild

As I had predicted, I’m short on time this week. The last days I had to divide my spare time between schoolwork and my grandparents. They had arrived in Arrasate on Tuesday, so after school Niké and I went to visit them in Hotel Mondragón, where they had booked a room for a few nights. Continue reading

Bilbao: the alternative way, part 1

(This is going to be more of a novel than a blog post, just so you know!)

I have the feeling that it’s been a while since the last post. Let me assure you that I have a perfectly valid explanation for my absence these days: I spent the weekend in Bilbao, as I expected in the previous post. A great weekend, being able to discover the city in an alternative way that led me off the beaten tourist track. Continue reading

Rain + boredom => delirium

I have a startling confession to make, after all the – often way too long – posts I’ve written here. I don’t know what to write you. And I’m not talking writer’s block, I just don’t know anything that has happened in the past days that is worth telling you about. Only option is to tell you a few things that did happen but are just not so tremendously exciting. So if you’re reading further than this and you get bored out of your mind, don’t come nagging to me, I just gave you a five-sentence long warning. Continue reading

Photography and Language (twice)

I have an assignment for all of you: write a script and storyboard and create a photographic comic strip which should include at least forty pictures, but do this in dialogue with someone from the Basque Country. I dare you. Because that’s our task for our Digital Journalism class. Continue reading

Maritxu Kajoi: the event, the recovery

Gabon/Egun on everybody! Yes, I’m writing you in the evening, but for me it still feels like morning. Main cause: Maritxu Kajoi, one of Arrasate’s biggest yearly festivities, and Corine’s birthday party. I have seen very few hours of daylight this weekend and I’m suffering the consequences right now. Get ready for a long post! Continue reading