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Un kalimotxo, por favor!

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Wine in BC it is so cheap, that you can get drunk with 5 euro-)) The most famous and origin drink of BC is kalimotxo. We drink it almost every day.  You need: coca-cola + cheap red vine + ice = nice refreshing cocktail. Try to drink 5 or more and then you feel happy. NB! Don’t look at a mirror because you can be afraid of yours blue or black teeth.

We also tried here a black vodka. Is very nice black shot which makes your teeth go more black then, but after 5 kalimoctxos you don’t mind. This vodka have something like bubbles in it and blueberry taste. I like it, so when I come back to Estonia I am going to introduce all that stuff to my friends.


Also, BC produces its own wine called Rioja. It has very rich taste and cost approximately 2 euros.

School’s in session

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Classes have officially started at Mondragón University, which means the Basque students also had to go back to school today. The four of us, however, are quite lucky since we don’t have any classes on Monday. It’s just been a long and lazy weekend with not much to do, except for a small but successful party at another Erasmus student’s home in Aretxabaleta. Continue reading

Sleepless nights, snoozing days!

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Picking up where I left off last time, I’m glad to inform you that not only the people, the food and the environment are worth our while, but the nightlife and partying spirit of the Basques are to brag about too! Continue reading


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Since I love to go out to bars and parties in Belgium, I had to give the Basque nightlife a try. My quest for fun didn’t take long; after walking around for half an hour in Bergara, me and my friends already found a bar we liked. Continue reading