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Study environment in the Basque Country

After two months of studying and travelling in the Basque Country, I have to say that the studying part isn’t so bad at all. Granted, I’m not that much of a study type, which means that sometimes there’s secundary things I would care more about than on the actual content. Well, I happen to be studying in an aboslutely awesome faculty, one in the small town of Eskoriatza. At least two ceinturies ago, it was used as a hospital and a convent znd it still kept a bit of that atmosphere. This makes it easy to imagine yourself, walking around back in the days with your books, studying theology, Latin or medicines…

However, another town, about twenty kilometres up north, has an even more stunning one. Onati has the oldest University of the Basque Country. Walking there didn’t just give you the idea of walking around 300 years ago, I think we actually were! All these details they used in the architecture and design are simlpy incredible.

Now I really don’t feel like returning to my study factory like university in Holland!