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Aitzulo – small piece of paradise in BC

I think that anyone who comes to visit BC can not stay indifferent to the nature. This is the first time in my live when i felt butterflies in my stomack because of a beauty of nature.

It was very spontanious when we decided to go to the mountains. We went by car to Oñati, in the way of Arrikrutz caves (I will write about these caves next week). The sightes around the Oñati are amazing. So, we parked our car beneath Orkatzategi mountain and began our trip.

It is not difficult to climb, especially with a nice weather and a good company. It took us for about an hour to get to the top, where the most beatiful thing was waiting for us. I speak about a cave, or, actually, the caves called Aitzulo. It is so beatiful, that you can hardly discribe it. I think it’s better to see the pictures. But, when you stay there you analyze that  humanbeing is nothing infront of a Nature.

I suggest anyone to visit this gorgeous place!!!

Study environment in the Basque Country

After two months of studying and travelling in the Basque Country, I have to say that the studying part isn’t so bad at all. Granted, I’m not that much of a study type, which means that sometimes there’s secundary things I would care more about than on the actual content. Well, I happen to be studying in an aboslutely awesome faculty, one in the small town of Eskoriatza. At least two ceinturies ago, it was used as a hospital and a convent znd it still kept a bit of that atmosphere. This makes it easy to imagine yourself, walking around back in the days with your books, studying theology, Latin or medicines…

However, another town, about twenty kilometres up north, has an even more stunning one. Onati has the oldest University of the Basque Country. Walking there didn’t just give you the idea of walking around 300 years ago, I think we actually were! All these details they used in the architecture and design are simlpy incredible.

Now I really don’t feel like returning to my study factory like university in Holland!

Exploring the countryside

During the last Saturday dinner, made by my Slovak, Russian and Italian friend, me and some of my Erasmus friends decided to go walking in the nature on Sunday.

So after I made us some lunch on Sunday we took the bus from Arrasate to Oñati because I knew from an earlier walk on Saturday with my Brazilian friend, Taric, that the countryside there is amazing.

At two we arrived in charming little Oñati. We walked past the old monistory, the building of the oldest university in the Basque Country, the big old church, the monument of the Twinning Project and true the small streets.

It is because of all these old monumenst that I call it charming little Oñati, I just love them because it feels like you are going back to another century when you are near them.
Around three we reached the border of Oñati, the temperature was about twenty-five degrees at that time so it was the perfect moment for a nice walk true the nature.
A lot of fields, old farms, stock of cattle and of course beautiful views because we were walking true the mauntains were amazing all of us.

Taric was our guide for that day because he had taken the route that we were walking before. Only his earlier walk got an unexpected end because he bumped into a very angry animal that scared the hell out of him and that made him run back home like speedy conzales!

Of course all of us were very curious about the animal that made our Brazilian friend run. It was around five when we all walked very cheerfully on a path when Taric suddenly said “This is it, the animal that chased me!”. It turned out to be a ewe, a family of the sheep that little childeren in the Netherlands just love to pet and feed. So we coudn’t help it but we had a good laugh about his pursuer.

We decided to walk back because we all were getting al little hungry but before we went back to Oñati we made sure that we had taken enough pictures of the countryside.
Around seven we returned at the flat of Taric and Adriana, she is my Mexican friend who is going to spend her Chirstmas with me in the Netherlands this year!
Starving from our more then three hour walk we digged in to the delicious pasta that Taric prepared for us.

That night I had no trouble sleeping after, again, such a nice weekend with my Erasmus family.