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Topic less with a little confession

As you can see on the website I didn’t post that many blogs lately, this is because I had the flew and stayed in bed for a good week.

During that week I was thinking about subjects for my future blogs. I could write something about the people here, my feelings, observations, stories that I’ve heard and trips that I’ve made. Even whit in this categories I could specialize more because I keep seeing new things that interest me so I’m observation the whole day.

Doing some more observation

Doing some more observation

For example when I’m walking down the street I notice the respect of the people for the pedestrians over here. The cars always stop for young and old crossing the street by foot, no matter how slow they walk they will wait.

In the Netherlands so many times when I was walking down the street or riding my bicycle (a very popular means of transportation the Netherlands) I almost got ran over by a bus or car. It’s like people are much more in a hurry in my country then over here and that is making them act very selfish, even in de traffic. They don’t care about damaging you, as long as they are ok and on time.

Well anyway, I could continue writing a full blog about a observation like this.

An other subject in the category people could of course be the Basque boys.. For sure before I go home on the 18th of December I have writing a blog about them because I have been doing some good observation on them the last months.

What also got into my mind yesterday while I was exercising at the gym is the difference about the importants of how people look over here and in the Netherlands. I could just walk back in my sport cloths without doing my hair or anything, nobody would care. I see people walking in their trousers on the streets over here all the time. In the Netherlands, and of course this also is a little personal, I would feel so ashamed walking down the street without paying attention to my appearance like that. People, especially the women, always check each other out on the streets and where ever in the Netherlands. Next to that I know I’m a little conceited because I like standing in front of the mirror in the morning putting up my make-up and dressing myself up before I go to a party. But over here.. It really feels like it doesn’t matter. Nobody cares and because of that I get more relaxed with not carring for my looks on the streets over here.

The same happens in the gym, in the Netherlands there are always a few persons (or `losers´ as I like to call them) who are showing off and want to be pretty even during excercise. Like `come on´! Over here people are just covered with sweat and look like a mess, me included. And I love it because everybody is just there for a good workout!

Another thing to write about is the differences that I can bump in to when I will return to the Netherlands. For example the view that I have here everywhere I look and while I’m looking true the bus window on my way to Bilbao. The beautiful mountains! I just love looking at them so much! In the summer and also now in the winter, when their tops are all nice and white covered with snow. Just looking at them gives me energie because they remember me of how beautifull the world and life can be.

And so I can continue writing about things that I’m going to miss or that will be different for me, like the outside views, I can keep boring you for blogs and blogs. But don’t worry I will maintain myself (For now).

Actually I have a little confession to make. In my study, journalism/communication, I never liked the writing parts that I had and still have to do. Thinking about a subject for a item, making sure that I have the right sources for my item, going out there to get the information, that are the things I love in my field. Especially when it includes a camera. Filming, editing, just the idea of it is exciting to me!
I really want to go into that direction.

In the first year of my study I had to write about so many uninteresting things and I had to write them by so many rules that I got really sick of writing actually. So when we came here and I heard about my job at the EITB for which I would have to write every week I wasn´t to trilled to be honest. Of course I loved the idea of working for a news station this big because in the Netherlands we don’t get a opportunity like this to often, but the writing part..aargh.. I wanted my camera.

(Let’s hope that my boss doesn’t fire me instantly after reading this little confession of mine)

Now why did I tell you all about it? It is to explain how surprised I am about me enjoying telling you about all my experiences here in by blogs. (No, for real!)
I think it’s because the Basque Country had been and still is one big adventure to me and I know nobody, except the other Erasmus students over here of course, that I can’t tell something new about the Country and my life in it. I just love sharing everything and it would be nice for people when they go and visit the Country that they will recognize a thing or two that I have mentioned in my blogs. My family that has visited me already did.

How’s that, Saskia telling that she likes writing. A good way of ending this topic less blog I guess;)!