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Autumn in Vitoria

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We, Natalja and I, have visited Vitoria. We came there at about 4 pm to walk around and make some pictures. It was very beautiful day: no clouds, a little bit of sunshine and no wind. This autumn weather makes you feel very romantic and comfortable.

From my point of view, Vitoria is very beautiful and pleasant place. In some moment I felt like in Tallinn, that’s why I had and still have a feeling of nostalgia.

In Vitoria there are a lot of narrow streets, ancient buildings, churches and cathedrals. You can also relax in a quite park, sitting on a bench and eating warm croissant.

I think, this is an ideal place for dates =).

There are located few chocolaterías in Vitoria, which make this city much warmer and more sweet. La Peña Dulce is a confeteria in the centre of Vitoria. Is is a good place to buy sweets for a present.

Also, you can visit different museums. For example, there is Artium. There are different exhibitions of a modern art, cinema, theatre, library and some shops.

Moreover, Vitoria is a good place to make shopping. There are a lot of interesting shops in a centre city, which we don’t have in Estonia (don’t know about other countries). More fare away is located a big shopping mall called Boulevard, there you can find the most popular international brands.

At the end of the tour it is very nice to sit in croissanteria, drink some coffee and take a fresh bun.

What to do on a free day?

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Yesterday we’d gotten some good news from our teacher Digital Journalism. Today’s class was going to be cancelled. An extra free day, but what to do with it? Time is on our side. Continue reading

Exploring the many faces of Vitoria-Gasteiz

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Vitoria-Gasteiz is a city in the province of Alava, and is the capital of the Basque Autonomous Community. Since I’ve been here, we visited it three times, and every time I like it better and better. The city seems to have a French feeling combined with the typical warmth and liveliness of Southern towns.

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Shopping time!

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The summer seems to have passed, while the rainclouds are coming closer. That means it’s time to put my ballerinashoes back in the closet, and to buy some new footwear. So I headed back to the lovely Vitoria-Gasteiz to spend some money! Continue reading