Gastro-Tourism: San Sebastián Food

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This week I attended the official inauguration of San Sebastián Food‘s new offices on Calle Aldamar, in the old part of San Sebastián. San Sebastian Food, run by Jon Warren, is a non-stop shop for the food-oriented tourist in San Sebastián. Out of their new offices they offer everything from pintxo tours, to days in La Rioja, to jewelry inspired by local products, to the occasional in-office wine tasting.


These guys know their stuff…they’ve got a knowledgeable wine guide and a super-friendly local pintxo tour guide.  During the summer, they host an incredible event called Discover the Basque Country, led by author Paddy Woodworth.

If you’re intimidated by the pintxo process, take the guided tour. It’s perfect if you have just a night in town, didn’t do your research on my blog, and don’t want to risk pintxo blunders: 5 drinks, 5 pintxos, 5 bars and good conversation.

DSC_0298 copia

A must visit for tourists with a taste for luxury and no time for research.

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