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Pictures from Iruña (Pamplona) Part II

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Pictures from Iruña (Pamplona) Part I

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Idaho City, ID

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Here is a series of photos from our trip to Idaho City.  It’s an old mining town that has become somewhat of a tourist destination.  I loved what I saw.  The colors and tones produced by the wood, brick, and rusted metals are only found in the American West.

The high-desert of Idaho and sky should be computer wallpaper.  So pretty.

I love what happens to wood over time–orange, grey, blue, black.

Oxidation creates amazing colors.

“The Canisters Three”

“Black Angus”

Reminds me of San Francisco


One bad boy

Agua, Ura, H2O, Water

The wheels on the bus go….

Just Look at that green

This is a shower bucket, but I found its face.

I grew up playing hockey.


Non Sequitar: Boise

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Non Sequitar: Boise Street Art

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I am in Boise for the Barnetegia and had some time this morning to bum around with my camera.  Here are some sweet scratches I saw in a back alley.  Who knew?