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The Province of Bizkaia, in a lapse

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A beautiful and original 3´ video on the highlights of the province of Bizkaia, where I live…hope you like it. Please click on the link below.

Bizkaia in a lapse

Yes, you´ve heard of the Hanging Bridge…

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This is something unique in the world (yes, there are 5 others, but nothing close to this one). And, surprisingly enough, off the beaten path by tourism.  A World Heritage Monument by the UNESCO, it´s been in use since 1893, designed by Alberto Palacio (not by Eiffel, as some may think). It serves to link both banks of the river of Bilbao at its finishing point (Portugalete and Las Arenas), runs 24h/365d and it transports both vehicles and people. There´s an elevator that takes you to the very top, where a recorded system plays the story of the Bridge. The views are spectacular and you can cross to the other bank walking on the iron grilled path on top., luckily also available in English!.puente colgante 1

It´s used daily by thousands of locals who take advantage of the cheap rates and extremely high frequency of trips (it´s constantly coming and going…). I´ve used it hundreds of times, many of my childhood memories are related to this Bridge and still remember how exciting it was to cross the river on a rainy and windy day, hung from cables on a kind of wagon…And then, going to Santurtzi to have some grilled sardines on the fishing port…