Marmitako, Basque Tuna Stew

Basque fishermen have plucked tuna from the sea for centuries, and this is one of their age old recipes.  The name comes from the Basque word marmita, referring to the simmering vessel used to create the dish.  The special delight in this recipe comes from giving the potatoes time to release their starch, slightly thickening the broth, and timing it to come together before the tuna becomes soggy.  Marmitako will fill and warm you on a cold day, but it is equally delicious on a hot summer day, the season when bonito tuna is abundant in the seas.

Basque by Jonathan EITB

Basque Country – UK, Flights Twice a Day

Good news for those visiting the Basque Country from the UK–from the 29th of March 2015, British Airways will fly twice a day out of London Heathrow Terminal 1 into Bilbao, and word has it that Vueling will also be increasing their London Gatwick flights to Bilbao.

Getaria Basque Native

Basques & the First Thanksgiving

Getaria2_edited-1Did you know the first person to circumnavigate the globe was from the Basque Country?  His name was Juan Sebastián Elcano, a Basque explorer who completed the first circumnavigation after his captain Magellan died in the Philippines.


Beronia Wines

Beronia Wines in collaboration with San Sebastián Food offer a delicious collection of award-winning wines. Matías Calleja from their winery highlights their unique touch, saying, “We combine leading-edge technology with traditional wine making methods.”

RosadoI appreciate the detailed descriptions of the products and food-pairing suggestions from the website.  Here is a glimpse of their “Rosado”:


Basque History with Pirritx & Porrotx

Living in the Basque Country, I’m often surprised when people haven’t heard of this land–a beautiful mini-Switzerland with a picturesque coastline, green mountains, hospitable people, and fascinating history.  So, in case you don’t know them, allow me to introduce you to the real stars of the Basque Country.  Sure, there are the poets and the singers, but then there are Pirritx & Porrotx.  Clowns delighting audiences for over 25 years!

Vine Leaves around rice

Beirut, Lebanon

Flying out from Bilbao in the Basque Country, stopover in Istanbul then on to Beirut, Lebanon, I spent a week. Here is a glimpse of the food scene:

Walking through the sauk, light catching smoke rising, into the restaurant.  Meat, garlic sauce, mango juice so thick you can use a spoon, vine leaves. A culinary paradise:

Coastal Views of Biarritz

Biarritz’s Coastal Charm

For those that have visited Biarritz, a longing to return or dwell there is often the sentiment expressed.  One of the most delightful ways to relax, eat and enjoy the sweet atmosphere of Biarritz’s coastal charm is at Miremont (see my other post here about the 1872 tearoom and patisserie).

Miremont's Sweet Atmosphere

Miremont’s Sweet Atmosphere