Jonathan McCallum Eitb Basque


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Tucked away along the coast of Gipuzkoa province in the autonomous community of the Basque Country in the North of Spain, the autumn sunlight streams down on the blue sea, the green txakoli-covered fields, and the sheep spotted hills, as a few pilgrims hike past with St. James sea shells on their back packs.


Olentzero & Holiday Hampers

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HolidaySSFThe Christmas season is approaching and the team at San Sebastián Food have prepared a delicious assortment of Basque and Spanish goods in a holiday hamper.


Fashion Interview

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Today I visited Minimil’s flagship clothing shop in Donostia and met the creative team of extraordinary Basque people. Here is my interview in Spanish and English with Maria.

Donibane by Jonathan McCallum

Donibane Exploring

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A Full & Filling Day Touring Donostia

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It is hardly surprizing that “Pintxo Hunting” and the “Pintxo Cooking Class at the Gastronomic Society” are two of the most popular tours offered at San Sebastián Food. Here is one day captured through the lens in Donostia with San Sebastián Food guide Eli Susperregui & friends.


Desserts found around Donostia

Pariès – Gourmandises Basques

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My eyes were delighted by the sights of pastries and confections and my mouth was in sweet ecstasy from the chocolates and turrones of Pariès – Gourmandises Basques.  You can see the tempting sweets below, and the range of chocolates was from rich and dark to sweet and creamy.

Aitor Derek Joseba Zarautz EITB

Surfing with Aitor, Derek, Axi & Friends

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Yesterday something special in the waves that had arrived from across the ocean brought people together, new friends. Among the waves of Zarautz, Derek Rabelo and Aitor Francesena, who surf without sight, taught us something incredibly important.

Derek will be in Zarautz

Beyond Sight

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“I see everything that you see, but in another way.”
– Derek Rabelo

Skate Together

Rolling Together

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 Love the life you live, and live the life you love.

-Bob Marley

Life rolls & thunders in with surprises.  This is my day in photos.  From the hilltops of Getaria along the coast to Zarautz speed skating teams pushed and pulled teammates under sun and rain, and when I headed to Zumaia others were floating on water.

Txoko Getaria Collage

Mexican Night at Restaurante Txoko Getaria

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